2PM Ultimate Fan Guide

In the KPOP industry, one advantage of boy groups is that there is a wider range of concepts and styles that they can try. This is why there is always a variety in the styles and concepts of boy groups in the KPOP industry. There are groups that concentrate on hip-hop and EDM like iKON and Monsta X. There are those that focus on synchronization and performance like Seventeen, SHINee, and Infinite. There are those that approach their fans through lively and vibrant concepts like ASTRO and Golden Child.

However, when it comes to sexy concepts, there is only one group that comes to mind: 2PM.

2PM is one of the breadwinners of JYP Entertainment. They are currently made up of six members: Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung. During their debut, the group was actually made up of seven members. The original leader of the group, Jay Park, left the band in 2010 and is now a successful solo artist.

The group was easily identified when they debuted because, during that time, most of the boy groups are going for the “pretty boy” concepts. They took a different path and took on a more macho and beast-like style. This is why they gained the nickname “beastly idols”. They were known for their acrobatic moves, chiseled bodies, and strong image.



Name: Kim Minjun

Birthday: January 15, 1988

Position: Main Vocalist

When Jun.K was going around auditioning in different talent agencies, he was accepted in both YG and JYP but he ultimately chose JYP. In 2011, he released his first solo single. In the years after that, he started participating in theater plays and musicals like “The Three Musketeers” and “Jack the Ripper”. He is the first member of the group to compose a song for 2PM. The song he composed is the group’s 2014 song “Go Crazy”. But aside from that, he has also composed a lot of tracks for other JYP artists. He is actually the second person in JYPE who composed the most songs next to the company’s CEO.


Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul

Birthday: June 24, 1988

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Visual

When I was still starting in KPOP, Nichkhun was the most foreign person I saw on TV. It was unusual for me at first because I always thought that KPOP groups are always made up of Korean people. Nichkhun does not really look like a Korean person. He does not even look like Thai, which is what he says in interviews when asked where he is from. Nichkhun rose to fame when he appeared in We Got Married and was paired with f(x)’s Victoria. Their team-up was one of the most well-loved in the history of the show.


Name: Ok Taecyeon

Birthday: December 27, 1988

Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Second Visual

Taecyeon, I think, is the most popular member of the group. Aside from being an idol, he also appeared in a lot of dramas like “Cinderella’s Sister”, “Dream High”, “Who Are You?”, and “Let’s Fight Ghost”. While he has the most defined body out of all the members and he gives off a lot of strong charisma onstage, his personality offstage is really opposite. He likes to do a lot of aegyo and many of his friends get annoyed with it because he is so big to be doing a lot of cute stuff.


Name: Jang Wooyoung

Birthday: April 30, 1989

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Wooyoung is my bias. It’s interesting to think that out of all my biases in the KPOP industry, Wooyoung is one of those that are really silent and shy. He does not really speak much and this is why he always gets strong reactions in shows when he speaks. Wooyoung has a small face and a really pretty smile. This is part of the reason why I like him. The next reason why I decided to have him as my bias is his appearance in the hit drama “Dream High”. He played the role of a privileged student who falls in love with an unlikely character. His acting was so cute and he showed a different side of him.


Name: Lee Junho

Birthday: January 25, 1990

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

While Taecyeon appeared in a lot of dramas, Junho appeared in a lot of variety shows. Out of the members of the group, he has the best variety skills and when he appears on a show, he is often teased for having plastic surgery because of his strong resemblance to the singer, Rain. He received high praises for his performance in the movie “Twenty” where he acted alongside Kim Woobin and Kang Haneul.


Name: Hwang Chansung

Birthday: February 11, 1990

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

I personally think that he has the second best body in the group next to Taecyeon. Even if he is the youngest, he is commonly seen without his shirt on. When he appears in Running Man, they usually tease him for having the same big nose like that of the show’s mainstay, Ji Sukjin. Like the other members, Chansung has also tried his hands in acting and one of the most notable ones he did is his role in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”.

I have always loved their debut single called “10 Out of 10”. It was such a refreshing performance during the time it was released because it contained a lot of acrobatic parts. It has also been featured in many idol survival shows where the contestants perform their rendition of the song. There is also another song from 2PM that I like. It’s called “A.D.T.O.Y.”. While it does not involve a love of topless scenes of the members, the choreography was still sexy and it brings a different kind of man elegance and sexiness with the members dancing in men’s semi-formal outfits.

Currently, 2PM is not really that active. Aside from the fact that the members are focusing on other things, some of them are serving their mandatory military enlistment. But, their contract has not yet expired so fans can look forward to another song in the near future when everyone is finished with their military service and when they can all start focusing on releasing a new album.

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