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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 23: Members of South Korean boy band Block B pose for photographs at the W Magazine Korea Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign "Love Your W" photo call on October 23, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

If you are the type of a person who prefers rooting for the underdogs, then the chances of you becoming Block B’s fan are high. Block B’s road to stardom was not paved with gold brick roads. They had many challenges along the way but those just made them stronger and hungrier for success.

In 2011, famous producer Cho PD announced that he will be budgeting $1.4 million to create a seven-member hip-hop group under his “Creating Korea’s Eminem Project”. The group debuted with seven members: Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, Zico, and P.O on April 13, 2011 with the song “Freeze!”. However, the Commission of Youth Protection has banned the music video because they felt like it was too sexy for the Korean audience. As a result, the music video is only aired after 10PM and the song could not be marketed to minors.

That was not the only time that their song ran into some controversies. Their second mini-album called “Welcome to the Block” had two songs that were banned by The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and KBS because it was deemed inappropriate for minors.

Early in 2012, the members of the group were once again under fire for their inappropriate behavior during an interview in Thailand. They made offensive remarks regarding the flood disaster that was currently happening at the time. This led to other celebrities criticizing their actions. As a result, the group issued letters of apology.

The year after, the group filed a lawsuit against their agency to nullify their contract. Their case stated that they were promised to be paid on every 25th of the month but it was well over a year since the company did not hold their side of the bargain. However, the court ruled the lawsuit in favor of the company.

As a result, on August 29, 2013, the group announced that they had negotiated the transfer of rights from their previous company to a new one, Seven Seasons. The whole transfer has jumpstarted the group’s career and they continuously released hit after hit like “Very Good”, “H.E.R”, “Jackpot”, and “Toy”

I must be really getting old because out of all the songs of the group, my most favorite is “Toy”. The group mainly promotes as a hip-hop group and hip-hop really isn’t my thing. So, when they released “Toy” and I realized that it was different from the other songs they have released so far, I immediately liked it.

I didn’t really have a favorite member as I was not that of an avid fan of the group. But, if I had to choose a member that stuck to my mind the most, it would be U-Kwon. It was after his appearances on the dance TV show called “Hit the Stage”. Through the show, I found out that he’s actually a skilled dancer and I like his moves. Up until now, I occasionally search for video clips of U-Kwon dancing at random times.



Name: Woo Jiho

Birthday: September 14, 1992

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group

Zico might just be the most popular member of the group. However, it was not just him who is in the KPOP industry. He has an older brother named Woo Taewoon who was a former member of the idol group called “Speed”. Aside from being a member of the group, Zico has a successful solo career and is celebrated as one of this generation’s most talented songwriters. Zico did not renew his contract with his company to pursue a solo career and up until now, it is still not known if he will remain as a member of the group.


Name: Lee Taeil

Birthday: September 24, 1990

Position: Main Vocalist

Taeil had the shortest training period out of all the members of the group. However, prior to that, he had six years of vocal training. This shows in their performances. Taeil has one of the sweetest voices in KPOP and he can effortlessly hit high notes. Taeil has a bit of insecurity with his eyes. He feels like they are so small, which is why he wears eyeglasses or sunglasses and hats to make it bigger.


Name: Lee Minhyuk

Birthday: December 14, 1990

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

Before joining Block B, B-Bomb was actually a trainee under Woollim Entertainment and trained with the members of Infinite. Now that I think about it, B-Bomb might just be the mysterious eighth member of the group who never got to debut. His hobbies include playing the piano and collecting fashion photoshoots. Like any other good son, B-Bomb drinks warm milk when he can’t sleep and he has a habit of sleeping in one position and waking up to the same exact one.


Name: Ahn Jaehyo

Birthday: December 23, 1990

Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual

Jaehyo trained in Cube Entertainment before training to be a part of Block B. There were even rumors that he was almost a part of BEAST. Jaehyo denied it and said that the rumor was a little exaggerated. In February 2017, he became the first ever KPOP idol to appear in a magazine about fishing called “Fishing News”.


Name: Kim Yookwon

Birthday: April 9, 1992

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist

U-Kwon is the official mother of the group. He got this role because he just cannot stand the mess and he cleans up after his members’ mess. He was a part of the Korean show “Lipstick Prince” which featured male Korean idols learning makeup for the first time.


Name: Park Kyung

Birthday: July 8, 1992

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Kyung is best known for his wit and intelligence. Currently, he appears in a show called “Problematic Men” which I just started to watch. The show had different male celebrities with high IQs solve extremely hard mind puzzles and problems. Kyung is revealed to be a member of the popular Mensa International and has an IQ of about 156.


Name: Pyo Jihoon

Birthday: February 2, 1993

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

P.O. was actually eliminated during the group’s first official auditions. However, he did not give up and tried out again after losing weight and intensively training his skills in singing and dancing. As an idol, P.O. is best known for his aegyo. After all, he’s the maknae. Aside from being an idol, P.O. has also already tried his hands at acting and is part of dramas like “Temperature of Love” and “Boyfriend”.

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