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2012 was the year KPOP experienced a surge of idol groups debuting. So far, it holds the record of the largest number of rookie debuts: 33boy bands and 38 girl groups. This is why it has become a challenge for the groups to make themselves known because of the saturated competition.

One of the groups who successfully made a name for themselves amidst the huge competition is BtoB.

BtoB is a group under Cube Entertainment. It consists of seven boys namely Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, andSungjae. They made their debut with the song “Insane” on M Countdown. Three years later, they released their first full-length album entitled “Complete”. Their succeeding release with the song “Way Back Home” earned them their first-ever music show win ever since they debuted. You can just imagine how much they have gone through and how emotional they were when they receive this most coveted award.

BtoB has always been so experimental when it comes to their music. During their debut, their music was heavily influenced by EDM. Then, they slowly shifted into music that was more into hip-hop and pop. Then, with the release of their first full-length album, they shocked their fans by releasing a soft R&B and ballad track.

This is primarily the reason why I keep on listening to BtoB. They always give me something to look forward to. Their unexpected choices in music always leave fans to be curious and looking forward to the next one. Aside from that, the vocal harmony of the members’ voices is just one of a kind. It’s like Cube knew exactly what they were doing when they were choosing the members for the group. All the members’ voices just fitted perfectly with one another.

As for my favorites, it’s quite challenging to choose a single song as a favorite one. As I have mentioned, the group releases songs that have different musical styles and genre. But, I think the song that stuck with me the most is the song “It’s Okay”. It’s a soft R&B song with lesser choreographer and more singing. It perfectly showcased everyone’s singing skills. Even the rappers in the group got the chance to show what they’ve got in terms of singing. Aside from that, the lyrics of the song are also very deep and meaningful.

When it comes to choosing a bias, I also had a hard time. I was not really a passionate follower of the group. Although I listen to their songs, I don’t really religiously watch every single show they appear on. When I first saw them, the member that caught my attention the most was Minhyuk. I’d have to admit that it was initially because of his sexy abs. But more than that, his rapping style was also worthy of praise. However, I’ve got the chance to watch We Got Married where Sungjae was with Joy. Through that show, I got to know more about his personality not just as an idol but as a human being too. This prompted me to choose Sungjae as my bias. Aside from that, he’s also very talented in acting. I liked his performance in School 2015. Even though it was his first major role and he was acting experienced actors, he did not disappoint.



Name: Seo Eunkwang

Birthday: November 22, 1990

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Despite his skillful leadership, Eunkwang is a really picky eater. However, that did not stop him from opening a Korean café that is based in Singapore. The name of the café is “+82” which is Korea’s country code. Aside from his amazing voice, Eunkwang can also play the piano really well. He also likes to listen to emotional songs. This must be why he can interpret their songs really well. Eunkwang is the first member of the group to enlist in the military.


Name: Lee Minhyuk

Birthday: November 29, 1990

Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

When Eunkwang enlisted in the military, Minhyuk was appointed as the temporary leader. However, another member is now the temporary leader as Minhyuk just enlisted. He is the third member to go into the military. In an interview, Minhyuk revealed that he is interested in starring in an R-rated movie and if he got an offer, he would seriously consider it.


Name: Lee Changsub

Birthday: February 26, 1991

Position: Lead Vocalist

Changsub is essentially the clown of the group. He never fails to make his members and even the fans laugh with his crazy antics. But, don’t let his sense of humor fool you. He can actually play musical instruments like the drums, the guitar, and the bass really well. Changsub is known to be close to APink’sChorong. They are best friends. Or at least, that’s what they say. Many fans believe that Changsub and Chorong should start dating. Some fans even call themselves “ChangRong shippers” because they are dying to let the two date in real life.


Name: Im Hyunsik

Birthday: March 7, 1992

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

This came out as a surprise even for me. Hyunsik actually has five tattoos. He has a stars/moon design on his neck, a friendship tattoo on his arm, an “M” on his arm which stands for Melody, a peeled banana, and a Pisces fish with the numbers 3 and 7. He is also known for his cute eye-smile. And, the singing talent really runs in his blood as he is the son of the popular singer in Korea, ImJihoon.


Name: Shin Donggeun

Birthday: March 10, 1993

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Peniel was born in Chicago, Illinois. When he came to Korea, he became a trainee under JYP. There, he got close with other trainees who are now famous idols like B.A.P’sYoungjae, GOT7’s Mark, and EXID’s Junghwa. In the past, Peniel suffered from a condition that caused hair loss. This brought him to shave his hair altogether. His all okay now and people are seeing a new look of Peniel with hair.


Name: Jung Ilhoon

Birthday: October 4, 1994

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Ilhoon’s family is full of musicians. His older sister is the singer JOO. Some of the songs that BtoB released are all thanks to him. Ilhoon’s specialties include songwriting and composition. He is also the one responsible for naming their official fandom “Melody”. Despite his charismatic aura on stage, Ilhoon is actually the inventor and promoter of the gestures of the popular aegyo song “Gwiyomi Player”.


Name: Yook Sungjae

Birthday: May 2, 1995

Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

Sungjae is probably one of the biggest factors why BtoB is well-known today. He has been working hard to promote the group even during his solo appearances. He is best known for his roles in “School 2015” and “Goblin”. In an interview, he said that Suzy is the female idol he wanted to date. Well, I guess things have changed quite a bit because it looks like there is a higher chance that Sungjae might date Joy because of WGM!

Three out of seven members of the group are currently in the military now. This means that it would be a long time before we will see the whole group complete again. But until then, I’m pretty sure that the remaining members will continue to do individual activities to not let the BtoB’s beat die.

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