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BTS is comprised of 7 members that have reached outstanding heights as a KPOP group. They are a two time winner of the Social Artist of The Year award at the Billboard Music Awards, they have performed at the AMAs and they sold out Citi Field stadium in New York City; to list only a few of their many achievements. BTS is the first KPOP group to address the United Nations at the launch ceremony for UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited; with a message of loving oneself and voicing yourself. Their UNICEF campaign, Love Myself that partners with #ENDviolence has raised over $1.4 million in its first year.

Their journey from debut (June 13, 2013) to today is long, but full of joys and tears. BTS come from the company Big Hit Entertainment and their fandom is called ARMY. At the time of their debut, they were their company’s only idol boy group. They faced many challenges and even contemplated disbandment. Thankfully, they stayed strong and held on tightly to their friendship and dreams. The success didn’t take long to follow after that.

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Songs that Connects

Their debut song ‘No More Dream’ asked youth, “What is your dream?” This would be only the beginning for BTS’ heart-connecting lyrics to inspire millions of fans around the world. From lyrics of their hard work in songs like ‘We Are Bulletproof pt.2’ and ‘Dope’, to songs of friendship in ‘Spring Day’ and finally the Love Yourself trilogy of albums that lyrically explore all the feelings on the journey to loving oneself and what that truly means.

Where to learn more about BTS?

Great resources to watch are the ‘Bangtan Bombs’ uploaded on the group’s Youtube channel BANGTANTV, and on Vlive you can check out the series ‘Run’ and ‘Bon Voyage’. They share a Twitter account and do not have individual accounts. If you are looking for a group that is hands-on in their music and loving to their fans, then BTS is perfect for you!

BTS Members Profile

RM [Kim Namjoon]

September 12, 1994

Kim Namjoon is the leader of the group. He carries the weight of his role with him at all times; truly an amazing leader that is always thinking of his members. He is a man that is not afraid to admit his mistakes and take actions towards broadening his mind. Namjoon is a rapper and a producer that simply inspires.

His lyrics hold a lot of meaning and straightforwardness at the same time. His most recent mixtape, ‘mono’ is my favourite mixtape from the rap line. His voice is comforting, safe and powerful. This gentle soul is humble and loving. He is a supportive friend to every fan. His ‘Kimdaily’ posts on Twitter are aesthetically perfect and ARMY looks forward to his common Vlives about the album making process after every release.

JIN [Kim Seokjin]


December 4, 1992

Kim Seokjin is the oldest member. One of the vocalists for the group; his voice portrays an immense amount of emotion. I have personally found myself in tears after listening to his solo song ‘Epiphany’. A powerful vocalist that, maybe, hasn’t shown all the many depths to his voice yet. He has worked hard to learn to play the guitar and piano; showcasing his skills during concerts. Seokjin is nicknamed Worldwide Handsome; after trending multiple times after large events.

This gentleman is known to be extremely playful and a great cook. A polite man that makes friends wherever he goes. Seokjin is kind, sweet and never ceases to make audiences laugh. Ideal in so many ways, it’s unfair. I know I am not the only one waiting for is acting debut.

SUGA [Min Yoongi]

March 9, 1993

Min Yoongi is one of my personal favourite KPOP idol rappers. The way he plays with rhythm and phrases leaves me repeating his parts endlessly. He is expressive and creative; his produced tracks are scattered across all of my playlists. Yoongi lives and breathes music. At first glance you may find he seems cold and distant; he is quite the opposite though.

He is bright, funny, insightful and quietly takes care of all the members. Yoongi is cute in so many ways, except his stage presence; he is fully living every lyric he raps live. His adoration for music and fans radiates off of him. His mixtape, Agust D, is one I listen to when I need a positive surge in my day.

J-HOPE [Jung Hoseok]

February 18, 1994

Jung Hoseok is ARMY’s hope and sunshine. A man that lights up every room with his heart shaped smile. Hoseok is the dance leader within the group. His body control, flow and overall presence is astounding! I love to just watch him dance and I highly recommend his old Vlive series, ‘Hope On The Street’. He is a producer and a rapper, and his mixtape ‘Hope World’ reached amazing heights on Billboard charts. His writing style is clever and awe-inspiring, I personally have had a few moments of pure awe at the way he writes. Hoseok is very considerate of everyone around him; a member that takes care of others and is especially affectionate to the members that are younger than him. A sweet, fun-loving and hardworking person that captivates fans’ hearts! It’s hard not fall for this gorgeous man!

JIMIN [Park Jimin]

October 13, 1995

Park Jimin is one of my personal favourite vocalists in Kpop. His solo song that he gifted to fans, ‘Promise’ broke Soundcloud records upon release. Jimin has a voice that is refreshingly pleasant to the ears; a crystal clear sound that blends well with the group and shines on its own. He is also an extraordinary dancer; the top of his class at Busan Performance Arts High School. This handsome man is soft-hearted and often nicknamed ‘fairy’ or ‘angel’. Kind, sweet and stubborn with a perfectionist streak.

He is exceptionally hardworking and hardest on himself. He is a person who uploads photos and updates often for fans on their shared twitter. He loves his members; you can usually find him in the audience when a member is practising their solo song, or lighting candles on a cake for member birthdays. Also, I am quite positive time stops when he runs his hand through his hair.

V [Kim Taehyung]


December 30, 1995

Kim Taehyung is the only member that has acted in a drama. He starred in the 2016 drama, ‘Hwarang’ as a character named Han Sung. Taehyung is kind, creative and compassionate. Always thinking of the other members and fans. He has a special interest in photography; often posting his work on the groups’ twitter account under the name Vante. He also has a love for art (Van Gogh) and fashion (Gucci). His voice is full, warm and colourful.

His solo tracks include Singularity and 4 O’Clock, and they showcase his voice beautifully. I highly recommend that everyone watches at least one Taehyung fancam in their life. His expressions are on another level; he steps into a zone when he performs and it’s enchanting to watch. Taehyung is the reason “I purple you” is said between the members and fans. He once said, “Purple is the last colour of the rainbow colours. Purple means I will trust you and love you for a long time”*.

JUNGKOOK [Jeon Jungkook]

September 1, 1997

Jeon Jungkook is the youngest member. Nicknamed the ‘Golden Maknae’, Jungkook has many talents. He is an exceptional singer that received offers from many different companies, spent some time training in dance in the USA, and also produces tracks; he is quite the artist too. The main singer of the group, with a honey-like voice that is breathy, strong and distinctive. His song for the group’s Love Yourself: Tear album, ‘Magic Shop’ is one of my all time favourites.

His smile, when he makes his older members laugh, is the brightest. In his free time, he enjoys video games and editing videos of his members; you can find them on the group’s Youtube, BANGTANTV, under the titles G.C.F. This playful young bunny-like idol is humble, kind and a true shining star; as a person and an idol. 

Band that reaches the heart

BTS is a group that proves that no matter the height of fame, bonds of friendship and a humble attitude can grow instead of wear thin. They are a group that continues to try to reach as many hearts as they can with their music. I love BTS because they take action while the world has their eye on them. They take positive action in the forms of uplifting lyrics and charity. “Love yourself and love others” is their message and I am all for that.

*Translation taken from 3rd Muster DVD subtitles.

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