CN BLUE Ultimate Fan Guide

If there is one KPOP rock band that has become an epitome in the industry, that would be CN Blue. The band is now one of the pillars of KPOP when it comes to the rock genre.

CN Blue is a South Korean pop rock band formed in 2009. The band consists of four members: Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin, and Yonghwa. The name of the group stands for “Code Name Blue” and the “Blue” is actually a backronym for burning, lovely, untouchable, and emotional. These adjectives are meant to depict the images of the four members.

The band has been a bastion of rock. They debuted during an era where the music scene was dominated with electronic dance music from different idol groups. CN Blue did not initially get very popular in South Korea. They were more known in Japan. They almost became superstars overnight when they released their song “I’m a Loner”. This has become the group’s anthem and quite frankly, this remains as my favorite CN Blue song up until now.

The group originally debuted in Japan on August 19, 2009 with the mini album “Now or Never”. Five months later, the group debuted in South Korea. Their Korean debut album called “Bluetory” was released on January 14, 2010 and was at the top for two straight weeks on the Gaon Album Chart. The lead single called “I’m a Loner” peaked at #2 on the Gaon Digital Chart. The whole debut promotion was a success and the group achieved their first music show win 15 days after their debut release.

CN Blue alternated promotions in Japan and Korea and they experienced continued success in both countries.

In April 2011, it was announced that Yonghwa and Minhyuk were cast in the drama called “Heartstrings” opposite Park Shinhye. The members sang songs from the drama’s OST. This was not the only time that the members of CN Blue were cast as actors. Yonghwa and Minhyuk appeared in more dramas. Jungshin and Jonghyun were also cast in dramas as well, making the group an all-around performer.



Name: Jung Yonghwa

Birthday: June 22, 1989

Position: Lead Vocal, Guitar, Leader, Face of the Group

Before CN Blue was formed, Yonghwa has actually debuted as an actor in a drama called “He’s Beautiful” with FT Island’s Lee Hongki, Jang Geunsuk, and Park Shinhye. Yonghwa may be the eldest member of the group but he’s actually a big jokester and prankster. He sometimes acts childish. He appeared in the hit variety show called “We Got Married” where he got virtually married to SNSD’s Seohyun. The couple would then be one of the most couples of the show and was nicknamed the “Sweet Potato Couple”. In their song called “Love Light” there was a rap verse and Yonghwa revealed that while writing the lyrics, he was thinking of Seohyun.


Name: Lee Jonghyun

Birthday: May 15, 1990

Position: Guitarist, Vocalist

Jonghyun is the second member of CN blue to appear in We got Married after Yonghwa. He was virtually married to actress Gong Seungyeon. Jonghyun idolizes Kim Bumsoo and he was the happiest person on Earth when he got the chance to meet him after debuting in Korea. Jonghyun is actually my bias. It was not until I watched him in We Got Married. I’ve listened to a lot of CN Blue songs but I never really specifically chose a favorite member. When I saw Jonghyun in We Got Married, he was just so dreamy. His actions there made me imagine that he’d make a really good husband. Jonghyun actually had a career as a judo athlete and before he pursued a career in music, he was a judo athlete who won a gold medal in a championship in his hometown. However, he gave up sports when he continuously lost in matches and started looking for a field where he can excel. Thankfully, he made that decision because we can now see him as a talented member of CN Blue.


Name: Kang Minhyuk

Birthday: June 28, 1991

Position: Drummer, Vocalist

Minhyuk’s inspiration for becoming an artist was Maroon 5. He started to like band music after hearing songs from the group. He also discovered Linkin’ Park and immediately liked their songs. He is the group’s drummer but aside from that, Minhyuk can also play the piano and the flute very well. Minhyuk is my bias wrecker. His smile is just so cute that whenever I see it, I just melt on the couch. He’s also an avid supporter of CN Blue. He said he never gets tired listening to their own songs. He also has a weird habit of eating a lot of food whenever he is in a bad mood and would just go on a diet for two days after.


Name: Lee Jungshin

Birthday: September 15, 1991

Position: Main Rapper, Bassist, Vocalist, Maknae

Jungshin became a trainee at FNC in 2009 and shortly after, he became the new bassist of CN blue when the previous bassist left the group shortly after debut. In variety shows, Jungshin has the most “variety sense”. He never fails to make everyone laugh because of his jokes. This is also helpful because his sense of humor and charms help erase the conflicts whenever the members of the group would have a fight. Jungshin is also very close to his mother. The fans start to think that Jungshin’s mother moonlights as his manager because she monitors his works and she knows all of his activities. He’s also very interested in photography and said that if he was not a singer, he would focus on studying photography and would become a photographer.

Fans of the group would have to hold on a little longer as the members are slowly starting their mandatory military service. This means that the group will not be that active in the coming months. But, I’m sure that when all of them are done and the group comes back, it is going to be another blast and their songs will still be in everyone’s ears for a long time.

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