GFriend Ultimate Fan Guide

In the KPOP industry, groups that suddenly have a rocket shot to fame is very common. There have already been a lot of groups who rose to fame all of a sudden. In this generation, this is GFriend.

GFriend is a six-member girl group formed under Source Music. The group is made up of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. Although they are from a small company, they made quite a buzz during their debut in 2015. They won a few rookie awards and their popularity was so-so. But then, they suddenly shot to fame when a viral video of them circulated around the internet. It was a fancam of the group performing onstage after the rain poured, making the stage slippery. The video showed the girls dancing amidst the slippery stage and Yuju, the group’s main vocalist slipping and falling multiple times but still standing up to continue performing.

The video received mixed reactions from netizens but it nevertheless made the group gain media attention. Soon thereafter, the girl group’s comebacks were fully supported by fans, causing the group to achieve many awards and recognition through the years. And, it wasn’t just that video that made them famous. GFriend is known for their extremely difficult but synchronized choreography. Even boys who try to cover their songs actually have a difficult time learning the steps because of its level of difficulty!

Since then, the group has released many singles that topped the charts. Some of their most notable songs are “Glass Bead”, “Me GustasTu”, “Navillera”, “Fingertip”, and their latest song “Sunrise”. My favorite song among all the ones they released is the song called “Love Whisper”. The song sounded so much like a 90’s girl group song with its sweet and classic beat and sweet and innocent lyrics. It actually reminded me of the famous girl group in the 90’s called “S.E.S”, except that GFriend has more difficult choreography.



Name: Kim Sojung

Birthday: December 7, 1995

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual

Sowon is a graduate of the famous Hanlim Multi Art School where a lot of new idol performers are attending. If you are a new fan and you are trying to identify the members, I bet Sowon is the first one you will notice when you watch them perform. Sowon has a tall height and there is a noticeable difference between her height and the members’. So, if you see a girl whose head peeps up during their formations, that would surely be Sowon. Before being a part of GFriend and training for 5 years in Source Music, she was a DSP trainee where she trained together with the members of the co-ed group, KARD.


Name: Jung Yerin

Birthday: August 19, 1996

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center, Face of the Group

Yerin is like the group’s representative. She has the most individual activities out of all the members of the group. She has appeared in many variety shows where she showed her charm and humor. This has made people remember the group through her. Every time they see Yerin, they immediately identify her as part of GFriend. Yerin is close with Red Velvet’s Joy and APink’sHayoung. When asked about her ideal type, she really did not say much and just named Lee Hyunwoo. She also has an extreme fear of heights. But, when she was faced with hunger, all her fears are gone. In one episode of Law of the Jungle where she appeared, she actually killed and skinned a lizard because she was already so hungry and she did not think about it anymore.


Name: Jung Eunbi

Birthday: May 30, 1997

Position: Lead Vocalist

Not a lot of people know this but Eunha was actually a trainee in BigHit Entertainment for a year. When she transferred to Source Music, she only trained for two months before the company chose her to be a part of GFriend. Eunha and fellow member SinB share the same real first name. Coincidentally, they are also childhood friends. If Eunha was not an idol, I think she would become a chef. She really likes to cook and the shows she likes to watch are cooking shows.


Name: Choi Yuna

Birthday: October 4, 1997

Position: Main Vocalist

Yuju might just be the group’s most famous member. After all, the group gained attention because of a video of her falling multiple times onstage but still continuing to perform as if nothing happened. This is one of the reasons why she is my bias. I liked the professionalism she showed during the performance. Sure, I felt the pain of her falling when I watched the video but she was so professional to not let that get in the way of showing a good performance. Add to that her very amazing singing skills. She has appeared in a lot of singing shows, particularly in “King of Masked Singer” where she sang without her identity being revealed. She received so much praise even when the panel did not know who she was.


Name: Hwang Eunbi

Birthday: June 3, 1998

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Center

Before being a trainee to become an idol, SinB was a child model when she was young. She used to model for kids’ clothing. When she debuted, I actually had to double take because she resembles the former member of SNSD, Jessica. Like Eunha, SinB also used to be a trainee in BigHit. However, she trained there for five years. Aside from Eunha, SinB is also childhood friends with Astro’s Moonbin. She, Moonbin, and iKON’sChanwoo used to be a part of the same agency called “Kidz Planet”.


Name: Kim Yewon

Birthday: August 19, 1998

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Umji is quite privileged as she was born into a rich family. Her father is the CEO of a famous dentist group in Korea called Moa Dentist Group. However, she did not use that as an advantage to easily become an idol. Like other trainees, she went through the same process and hardships. Umji has quite an interesting role in the group. Even though she is the youngest, she is called the “The Consultant” because the other members come to her when they have problems.

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