Girls’ Generation Ultimate Fan Guide

When I mention that I am a huge KPOP fan to people that I just met, 95% of the time, they would automatically ask me and think that I’m a fan of Girls’ Generation.

It’s true, though. I’m a really huge fan of the group ever since they started promoting and I am still their fan until now. It was just so fancy thinking that Girls’ Generation or SNSD is already equated to the mention of the KPOP industry. For them to be branded as the representative of KPOP girl groups, that means their hard work has finally paid off.

Girls’ Generation or SNSD (which stands for So Nyeo Shi Dae that literally translates to Girls’ Generation) is a girl group founded by SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2007 with nine members but is now currently composed of eight members after Jessica left the group in 2014.

Girls’ Generation Members’ Profile


Name: Kim Taeyeon

Birthday: March 9, 1989

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Taeyeon is the group’s main vocalist and it looks like music runs in her family. Her father was a vocalist in a band and her mother won various children’s song competitions when she was young. Fans and members call Taeyeon by a lot of nicknames but one of the most well-known nicknames she has is “Kid Leader”. Taeyeon is a very petite and short girl but she is the group’s leader. Not only does her physical appearance make her look like a kid but she can sometimes become very playful and child-like. Taeyeon has also seen a lot of success when she debuted as a solo artist. Her songs showcased her vocal prowess and people immediately loved them.


Name: Lee Soonkyu

Birthday: May 15, 1989

Position: Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper

Sunny’s infant life was a little more proactive than a normal baby. She was born in Los Angeles. Later, her family decided to move to Kuwait but then, the Gulf War happened so they were forced to move back to South Korea. That was a blessing in disguise because if not for the family’s decision to come back to South Korea, she wouldn’t have been a member of SNSD and we wouldn’t have been able to see her “sunny” personality. Many may say that her inclusion in the group is caused by the fact that the president of SM Entertainment is her uncle but Sunny has proven that she deserves a spot too. Her appearances in various musicals such as “Singin’ In The Rain” and “Catch Me If You Can” proved that she can also compete with her voice.


Name: Stephanie Hwang

Birthday: August 1, 1989

Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper

If there is one thing that Tiffany is best known for, it would be her eye smile. Her eye smile is so sensational that Sunny used to tease her and imitates her eye smile. While Tiffany has a very girly eye smile, her personality speaks differently. Her close friends and families would say that Tiffany is actually a very competitive person and she hates losing. Tiffany is the second member of the group who made a solo debut following Taeyeon. Unlike Taeyeon who focused more on her vocals, Tiffany’s debut with the song “I Just Wanna Dance” showed her grace in terms of the combination of dancing and singing. It was also more of a sexier concept which was a little hard for the group to do at the time.


Name: Kim Hyoyeon

Birthday: September 22, 1989

Position: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist

For the most part of the group’s promotion, Hyoyeon was not really that active in terms of individual activities and appearances. Although she was very famous for her dancing skills, she actually never had a chance to really show it off until recently. She was in a few dance shows and even became a mentor. It’s good to finally see her do things on her own. This just shows that the entire group are now independent but can still work as a group.


Name: Kwon Yuri

Birthday: December 5, 1989

Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Yuri has a unique personality and a rather tanned skin. This earned her the nickname “Black Pearl”. But, don’t let this prankster fool you. She might pull off a lot of funny pranks to her friends but she has one of the best bodies in SNSD. The other members praise her a lot for having a perfectly proportioned body.


Name: Choi Sooyoung

Birthday: February 10, 1990

Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

To me, Sooyoung is the best when it comes to variety shows. She always has something underneath her sleeves that will make people laugh. She’s also a good actress and has appeared in a lot of dramas such as “Unstoppable Marriage”, “Gentleman’s Dignity”, “Dating Agency: Cyrano”, and “38 Task Force”. The image that she shows is that of a strong independent woman. This is why she’s my bias. She looks tough and she does not take advantage of the fact that she’s a girl. She will do things her way and won’t need a man to do it for her (although she is in a long time relationship with actor Jung Kyungho).


Name: Im Yoona

Birthday: May 30, 1990

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Center

Yoona is another member of the group that has the most drama appearances. Out of the Korean dramas that she was a part of that I watched, I personally liked “The K2”. She starred alongside Ji Changwook and I thought that it was her most challenging role to date. And, even if it was a very challenging role, she pulled it off nicely and has garnered a lot of recognition for her performance.


Name: See Joohyun

Birthday: June 28, 1991

Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Up until now, when people talk about Seohyun, the first thing that I recall is her stint in We Got Married where she was in a virtual marriage with CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa. Back then, they were known as the “Sweet Potato Couple” because Seohyun just loves eating sweet potatoes so much. While Seohyun is the group’s youngest member, she’s actually the second tallest one right next to Sooyoung.

Girls’ Generation Achievements

If we start talking about the group’s achievements, it would take pages and pages. The group was active for such a long time and they already released a lot of hit singles. Personally, I don’t think there is a single song they promoted that I don’t recognize.

Every time they promote, it would always be a big hit. But out of all the songs that they promoted, the one that is very close to my heart is the song called “Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)”. Although the group has already won a lot of awards prior to “Genie”, this is actually the first song that I heard from the group.

It was around the time that I was just starting to get myself into KPOP. “Genie” was a really good song and it had a very catchy choreography. In fact, it is the very first KPOP song whose full choreography I memorized. While writing this article, I tried dancing to it and I am proud to say that I can still perfectly remember every single step of it.

Where are they now?

The members of SNSD may be getting old and they may be making decisions with their personal interests as considerations. Jessica has left the group in 2014 to pursue a solo career. In 2017, after the release of their album Holiday Night, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun decided not to renew their contract with SM entertainment to focus on their acting career.

However, there is no clear confirmation whether they are getting out of the group too. There will still be discussions about the group’s future endeavors as an 8-member group but I still believe that a time will come that all nine girls will come together and continue to release songs that every Korean and international fan will love.

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