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GOT7 is a 7-member international boy group from JYP Entertainment. Members are JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. GOT7 debuted January 16th, 2014 with the confident anthem, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ (featuring a pre-debut Twice’s Nayeon). Fandom colour is bright green. Their official fandom name is IGOT7 but you will often hear fans referred to as Ahgase (아가새). This is a nickname that member Youngjae gave to fans after he realized that if you say IGOT7 quickly, it sounds like ‘baby bird’ in Korean (아가새). Thus, a small bird has become a symbol for their fandom. Their concert lightstick takes the shape of a baby bird (one of my personal favorites), and you can find multiple bird references within their MVs. They were promoted as a hip-hop group that debuted with martial arts tricking, and while the stunts have become minimal in recent years, it has not taken away from their incredible dancing skills.

IG: @got7.with.igot7
Twitter: @GOT7Official

GOT7 has grown as a band

GOT7 is a group that has grown tremendously in their music style from their debut album, ‘Got It?’ to their recent album, ‘Present: You’. As their years together grow, so do their talents. With every album release, we see more and more members’ names in the song credentials. These fun loving men continue to humbly work hard and love their fans with a passion.

Great places to start to get to know the members are their multiple YouTube and Vlive series, ‘Real Got7’, ‘Hard Carry’ and ‘GOT2Day’. For something a little extra cheesy, you could always check out the web series drama they starred in; ‘Dream Knight’.

Getting to know GOT7 members

JB (Im Jaebeom)

January 6, 1994
IG: @prdsdef

Im Jaebeom may have the image of a cold-hearted man but he is actually the sweetest; kind and a true leader. He leads all of GOT7 with strength and compassion. Jaebeom is also an animal lover, specifically a cat person. He owns three cats and is a very loving father to them. He sings with a smooth and easy tone, perfect for R&B. He wrote one of my favorite GOT7 title tracks, ‘You Are’, along with many other songs. I always look forward to his compositions; one of my favorite songwriters! He also debuted as a duo in 2012 with fellow member Jinyoung; they were known as JJ Project.

Mark Tuan

September 4, 1993
IG: @mark_tuan
Twitter: @mtuan93

Shy and sweet Mark Tuan. A Taiwanese American. The oldest member and the visual of the group. His laugh is highly contagious! His duality is his charm; cute, yet serious and quiet. His motto is, “work hard, play hard”. This handsome rapper is like an older brother to his fellow members; a playful yet reliable person they can lean on. He is known to always think before speaking and is very talkative once he is comfortable. Mark is also credited with many tracks such as; ‘Let Me’, ‘My Home’ and my personal favourite, ‘See The Light’.

Jackson Wang

March 28, 1994
IG: @jacksonwang852g7
Twitter: @jacksonwang852g7

Jackson Wang is a passionate and hard working man! His schedule is sometimes filled with more events than there are hours in a day. Originally a Hong Kong fencing athlete, he won a medal at a Junior Championship and was well on his path to the Olympics, but made a career switch to musician. That journey has been nothing short of successful. He composes and contributes lyrically to his and GOT7’s tracks. You can find his solo tracks on his YouTube, JacksonWangVevo. His stage presence is phenomenal! Though he is a rapper for the group, his skills as a vocalist are strong as well. He has many variety show appearances in both South Korea and China. Jackson will have you laughing all day.  This humble man is the social butterfly of Kpop!

Park Jinyoung

September 22, 1994
IG: @jinyoung_0922jy

The handsome Jinyoung, who has smooth, clear vocals and precise dancing skills. A talented man in many areas.  He will also be the main lead in an upcoming drama for 2019; ‘He Is Psychometric’. Not only is Park Jinyoung an intelligent man who enjoys reading, he is also well versed in sarcasm. A playful member who enjoys teasing those he considers close. Always polite and respectful. His serious nature is a good match against the more rambunctious members, though some days he is a troublemaker. His smile has been known to warm and win hearts. To name a couple dramas he has acted in; ‘Magic School’ and ‘Legend of The Blue Sea’. He has also contributed to the choreography of some songs such as, ‘Follow Me’, ‘Just Right’ and ‘Paradise’. This amazing young man has also been credited in composing songs such as; ‘My Youth’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Mayday’ and many more.

Choi Youngjae

September 17, 1996
IG: @333cyj333
Twitter: @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita

Choi Youngjae was a trainee for less than a year before debut. He adores his dog, Coco that he originally adopted with Mark. This powerhouse singer is the main vocalist, and a true music lover. He is always singing! He also plays the piano. In 2018 Youngjae released an OST for the drama ‘Wok of Love’, the song, ‘At the Usual Time’ that let us hear new sides of his always fantastic voice. Some of his writing credits include; ‘Hey’ and ‘Sign’. Youngjae is known to be the fandom’s sunshine with a smile that could light up any dim room!


May 2, 1997
IG: @bambam1a
Twitter: @bambam1a

Don’t let BamBam’s luxurious fashion sense fool you into thinking he is shallow. This rapper puts his family, friends and fans first above all. His mom is very important to him. His beautiful and fiercely kind heart is why he is a personal favourite of mine. As a young child he danced with a crew called We Zaa Cool (along with BLACKPINK’S Lisa). He then moved to South Korea from Thailand when he was only 13 after passing his audition. One of his goals is to bridge the gap between artist and fan. He is very active on his social media and always seems to know what is popular among Ahgase. A kind hearted man and animal lover; he owns three cats in his home and his family owns two dogs and two flying squirrels. He also has composition and lyrical credits in many songs. He enjoys video editing in his free time. You can check out the cafe he co-owns with his family, B’Chill on instagram for some cute Ahgase inspired desserts.

Kim Yugyeom

November 17, 1997
IG: @yu_gyeom
Twitter: @Real_KimYugyeom

Kim Yugyeom is the youngest and tallest of all the members. It’s hard not to adore this puppy-like idol. His singing is bright and distinctive! This lovable and all around nice guy is just as talented as his older teammates. Along with composing songs, Yugyeom has also been credited with choreographing. This young dancer has trained in New York when he was child. In 2016 he won the grand prize in South Korea’s dancing competition show ‘Hit The Stage’. I highly recommend checking out his 2 performances on the show!  He posts actively on his Instagram, with many videos of him free-styling. Kim Yugyeom may be sweet but he still likes to tease his members. He is also a big fan of chocolate milk. His smile is always cheerful and you simply can’t help but smile along! I strongly recommend checking out his personal tracks on his Soundcloud!

Why you will love them?

You just got to love them!!

I love watching this group have fun together! Their bond is inseparable and its heartwarming to watch.  The playful members of GOT7 all work together as a strong unit; showing us that friendship is the best teamwork. The more you listen to their music, watch their content and get to know them, the more you will fall in love with each member.

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