Miss A Ultimate Fan Guide

There is no doubt that Miss A is one of the most well-loved girl groups during their time. At some point, with the legacy that they left when they disbanded in 2017, we can categorize them as one of the most legendary acts in KPOP. Their disbandment was one of the saddest moments in KPOP and while fans may be distraught, there are still a lot of reasons to love this group. Let us look back to some of their greatest hits and why you should listen to them. But first, let’s get to know each of the members.



Name: Wang FeiFei

Birthday: April 27, 1987

Position: Main Vocalist

Fei was born in Haikou, Hainan, China. She can speak Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, and a little English. Fei is best known for her exotic face, perfect body proportions, and dazzling eyes. Fei was discovered while she was on her way to a dance school in Guang Zhou. Since then, she came to JYP to train to become an idol. Another thing that Fei is known for is her love for cooking. I remember an episode of Running Man where she appeared as Kwang Soo’s partner. The mission was to cook food from different Asian countries. Luckily, Fei was assigned to cook Chinese food. She showed her skills in cooking and ultimately earned praises from the critics.


Name: Bae Suzy

Birthday: October 10, 1994

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Visual, Face of the Group, Maknae

We cannot deny that Suzy is the most famous member of the group. Aside from being an idol, she has successfully entered the acting industry and was well-received. One of her most notable appearances was in “Dream High”. I personally think that her acting there was very good. The plot of the story was close to the environment of being an idol that she was living and I think that made it easy for her to pull up emotions.


Name: Lee Minyoung

Birthday: June 21, 1991

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Min is the group’s main dancer for a reason. She has showcased her talent in dancing in a lot of shows that the group appeared in. This is hugely because she attended one of the best dance schools in Korea. Min stayed in the U.S. for six years during her training days. This is why she can speak English very fluently. She also studied at the Repertory company High School in Manhattan.


Name: Meng Jia

Birthday: February 3, 1989

Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Jia is best known for her flexibility and has learned body bending while she was still in China. JYP Entertainment held an audition at her dance school and she was chosen; thus, making her a trainee and ultimately debuting as an idol. Jia is my bias and the biggest reason why is her fierce stage presence. It’s like, when she is performing, everyone’s attention is on her and you can’t just afford to miss a single moment of her performance.


Through the years, Miss A has released various hits that have become anthems in the KPOP industry. Let us look back into some of the songs that made Miss A legendary.

Bad Girl Good Girl

It is just a fact. Miss A’s debut was one of the hottest of their time. Their debut track “Bad Girl Good Girl” was one of the most well-loved songs when it was released. In fact, they won several music show wins even within the first week of release. Who could ever forget the iconic “Shut up boy!” line from the song? And, don’t even get me started with that seemingly simple but actually challenging choreography at the chorus part?

With the release of their debut song, Miss A has delivered a message to people that they are girls that are not to be messed with. They can be bad and they can be good, depending on how they want to treat you. Talk about fierceness!

I Don’t Need a Man

Who could ever forget “I Don’t Need a Man” when it has become the best independent woman anthems in the industry? This song inspired women to stand up on their own. So what if they’re single? They won’t die without a man. Miss A showed that they can be unapologetic, fierce, and sassy. They helped women believe that they can hold their house down on their own. Plus, the song is so catchy and you can’t just help but sing along to this song.


One reason why Miss A became a legendary girl group is their versatility. Rarely do we see a girl group that does concepts that are way opposites in the spectrum. Miss A did well with bubbly and fun concepts but they also made everyone gasp for air as they took on a darker and sexier concept for “Hush”. This song might just be the groups most sensual tracks. The song and the choreography highlighted their feminine side. But, it’s the elegant, mysterious, and fierce kind of feminine.

This is actually my favorite Miss A song and honestly, every time I hear this song, I just can’t help myself. I automatically raise my hands up and hold on an imaginary bar over my head and start moving my hips sensually. That’s one of the reasons why I love this song. In one pose, you can immediately identify what the song is.

Only You

“Only You” is the last song that they released as a group. Unlike most of their songs that are fierce and dark, Only You is perfect as a summer track. It’s more of a party song that is fun and catchy and would be perfect to play on house parties. It just gets everybody on their feet and dancing along to the beat of this song.

It’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to see Miss A as a group now. But, if they are happy with their individual endeavors, who are we to stop them? Plus, there might be an opportunity in the future for the girls to reunite. It happened with older generation idols and we should not stop wishing that Miss A could reunite someday too.

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