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When we talk about KPOP girl groups, the very first thing that comes to people’s mind is the cute and bubbly concept. Back then, we seldom think of girl groups doing sexy concepts. But, that was cut when Sistar made their debut.

Sistar was a girl group formed under Starship Entertainment back in 2010. The group was made of four sexy girls named Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. The group disbanded on the same day that they debuted when their contracts expired after seven years. During the time that they were active, they were known for their addicting songs such as “Push Push”, “Alone”, and “Give It To Me”. They were also known for being the frontrunners of summer single releases with songs “Loving U”, “Touch My Body”, and “Shake It” topping the charts.



Name: Kim Hyojung

Birthday: December 11, 1990

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group

Hyorin is surely a personality in the KPOP world. Despite her beautiful voice and dazzling tan, there hides a girl that is so playful and tough at the same time. The very first thing that I remember about Hyorin is her laugh. Every time she appears on variety shows, everyone looks forward to when she laughs. There is something funny and addicting listening to her laugh. It has a husky and airy sound and it always infects others. One surprising thing that Hyorin did in her career is when she joined the second season of the female rap competition called “UnprettyRapstar”. Everyone knew that she is not Sistar’s rapper and she showed more of her singing unparalleled singing skills so it was a shock that she decided to stray away from the things that she usually does. Honestly, she wasn’t the best rapper in the show but she did a good job nonetheless.


Name: Yoon Bora

Birthday: December 30, 1989

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

I’ve been a fan of Sistar ever since they debuted. And, my friends know that Bora has always been and always will be my bias. During the start, I didn’t really have any favorite member among the four. I loved them as a group and at that time, I didn’t know that I was supposed to choose a favorite member either. The first time I noticed Bora was when the sub-unit “SISTAR19” debuted with the song “Ma Boy”. The sub-unit was composed of the two older members of the group: Hyorin and Bora. That’s when I started noticing how beautiful she is. In their reality shows, Bora may not be the loudest person and she can become weird at times but that’s just exactly why I like her. When it was revealed that she started dating BIGSTAR’s Feeldog, I was so happy that finally, she found someone to make her happy aside from her sisters in the group.


Name: Kang Jihyun

Birthday: February 12, 1992

Position: Lead Vocalist

Before being a trainee at Starship Entertainment, she became a trainee at Cube Entertainment first. She was actually supposed to debut as a member of 4Minute. However, she said that she was still lacking in many ways back then so her debut was postponed. Soyou has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. Her voice is characterized by softness and air. When the group decided to disband, Soyou was one of the members who renewed her contract with Starship Entertainment and is now focusing as a solo singer. You might also recognize her as one of the vocal mentors of the recent survival reality show called Produce 48.


Name: Kim Dasom

Birthday: May 6, 1993

Position: Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Dasom is the group’s maknae and at the time of their debut, she looked so young that some people actually got worried that she’s doing sexy concepts. However, she pulled off every single comeback with a really good performance. Aside from being an idol singer, Dasom has also tried acting. She made her acting debut by being a part of a sitcom in 2012 called “Shut Up Family”. Dasom revealed that her ideal type and the type of guy she typically falls in love with are totally different. Her ideal type is a manly man but the type of guy she falls for is a guy who is innocent and has little experience in dating. Coincidentally, the guys she dated in the past all have the blood type AB.

Through the entirety of Sistar’s career, they have released a lot of songs in different genres. They debuted with the song called “Push Push” and was one of the first girl groups at the time to dance in super high heels. During this time, the group had steady media attention. It wasn’t until a viral video circulated around the internet that the group gained a lot of media attention. The video featured the girls filming a performance when Bora fell onstage and fractured her thumb, prompting the other members to stop singing and assist her off stage to get treated. A few minutes later, the girls went back onstage as if nothing happened and continued filming their performance.

The group then released hit after hit after hit. They won their first music show award with their song “How Dare You” and they found success when their first full-length album “So Cool” when it reached the top spot on the Billboard Korea KPOP Hot 100. With all the songs that the group released, it’s hard to choose a single favorite one. Honestly, all their songs are a bop. They are so addicting and catchy that you’ll be singing to the chorus in no time. But, I think the song that I like the most from the group is from their mini-album “Touch N Move”. The song was called “Naughty Hands” which featured Verbal Jint as the rapper. It’s a soft R&B song with a teasing and naughty message. I love listening to it when I’m hanging out alone at night with a glass of wine.

All the fans of the group were so distraught when they announced that their contract with Starship has already expired and they decided to disband as a group. Soyou and Dasom renewed their contracts in Starship but each of them will be focusing on their solo careers. Bora and Hyorin did not renew their contracts. Hyorin put up a talent agency of her own and continued releasing solo singles under the stage name “Hyolyn”. Bora, on the other hand, signed with a different agency that focuses on actors and actresses. Bora wants to further develop her acting career so it is just right that she signs with an acting talent agency.

While the girls now have different paths, all of them agreed that they still turn to each other when times get rough. This just goes to show that the sisterhood that was formed in the seven years that they were together is not easy to break. I don’t wish hard that they get back together and release another single. It’s always up to them. Knowing that they have real friendship behind being a girl group is already enough for fans like us. It was good while it lasted (and we’re still secretly wishing for a reunion in the future).

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