SMTOWN Ultimate Fan Guide

If you are a true blue KPOP fan, you would know what SMTOWN is because you have been a fan of at least one SM artist in your whole KPOP journey.

SMTOWN is the collective name of all the artists that are under SM Entertainment. The company originally had the name when they produced a concert that featured all the artists in their agency. The first concert was way back in 2008 with “SM Town Live ’08 Asia Tour”. Now, the word has become a household name to collectively call the beautiful and talented artists.

I personally started my KPOP journey through SMTOWN. The very first KPOP artist that I became a fan of was SHINee. Soon, I started listening and following Super Junior and SNSD. I’m a bit old so my heart really goes out for older artists. However, I can’t deny that newer SM artists are also good and they are worthy to be part of SMTOWN.

In this blog, I will talk a little bit about some of the artists that are part of SMTOWN. I’ll tell you who my favorite members are and my most favorite songs from the artist.


BoA is a solo artist and she has been active in the KPOP industry since August 2000. Everyone knows that it is really challenging to promote as a soloist in KPOP but because of BoA’s talent, she has successfully captured the hearts of KPOP fans. She is now dubbed as the “Queen of KPOP” and is considered as one of the most influential celebrities all throughout her career.

Since BoA debuted in 2000, she obviously already has a lot of songs and it’s a little hard to track her good songs. I’m not an avid follower but I check out her songs when she releases it. A few of my favorite songs from BoA are “Hurricane Venus”, “Only One”, and “Who Are You?”. But, I would say that my most favorite song is “Atlantis Princess”. It’s a song that is just so classically pop. It’s also upbeat enough to get you grooving on your seat at work or in class.


TVXQ is a pop duo. However, many fans know that TVXQ used to have five members: Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu. Three of the members filed a lawsuit against the company and unfortunately left the group. Yunho is my favorite member and I’m glad that he chose to stay and continued his career as an idol.

Like BoA, TVXQ has been active for a very long time and they already have hundreds of songs. Even though TVXQ is now a duo, my most favorite song is still “Mirotic” which was performed by the original five members. The song is so popular that younger idols sang and danced to the song. I’m not a singer but I personally like the song because of its extremely good vocals. It’s one of the vocally challenging songs in KPOP. Just imagine how satisfying it is to belt out Changmin’s high notes in the shower!

Super Junior

I am a really big fan of Super Junior. To me, they were the ones who made me love KPOP a lot. Although, my history with the group was kind of funny. I initially did not like them because of the first few music videos I watched. The songs were not really my taste and they just looked a little odd. But, who would have thought that in the next songs, I’d desperately wish to see them perform live?

I have always been a sucker for Donghae. He may not be the face of the group and he’s rather shy, which is why he’s not that active on variety shows and other individual activities. But, Donghae has one of the most handsome faces on Earth and while he may not be the main dancer of the group, his dancing skills are unparalleled.

Some of my most favorite Super Junior songs are “Sorry, Sorry” (I mean, who doesn’t know this song?”), “RESET”, “This Is Love”, and “Marry U”.


As I have mentioned above, SHINee is the very first group that I watched in all of KPOP. It was after hearing their soundtrack for “Boys Over Flowers” entitled “Stand By Me”. The biggest thing that I like about SHINee is their brave and courageous experiments in their musical styles and concepts. They pretty much have a song for almost all genres and each one of them is good. My favorite song would be “Sherlock”, “Hello”, “ROMANTIC”, and “In My Room”.

I didn’t really have a favorite member in SHINee for a long time. Sure, I’ve watched a lot of their variety shows and music videos but I just found it hard to choose a favorite member because they each have their own charms. But lately, Onew has been catching my attention with his cute acts and extremely good voice. For now, I have vowed that Onew is my favorite member.


If there’s one group in SMTOWN that I really miss, it would be f(x). They made a buzz during their debut and has continued to release hit songs after that. However, they haven’t been really active lately and they are more focused on their individual activities.

Out of all the songs that the group has released my favorite is a ballad entitled “Goodbye Summer” featuring EXO’s D.O. It’s just so pleasing to the ears and the lyrics are just so pure and innocent although it talks about parting ways after graduating from the same school.

I’d say that my most favorite member from f(x) is Amber. She’s so unlike all the other girls in KPOP. Amber is rather boyish but she acts cute when she has a crush on someone. If you want to know what I mean, you should check out her appearance on “Real Men” where she got a crush on one handsome soldier.


There is no denying that EXO is one of the biggest names in KPOP today. EXO started out with 12 members that were equally divided into two sub-groups: EXO-M and EXO-K who performed and promoted in Mandarin and Korean respectively. When three Chinese members left the group, EXO started promoting as one group.

My bias used to be Luhan but he already decided to take his own path and focus on his career in China. Now, Sehun is my favorite member because he’s just so cute and he sometimes acts like a baby. But, underneath that cuteness, Sehun has impressive dance skills that just added to the reasons why I like him.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is SM’s latest girl group. At first glance, Red Velvet might just be an ordinary girl group but once you listen to their songs, you’ll find out that they have their own flavor and color. The group originally debuted with four members: Wendy, Irene, Joy, and Seulgi. When they released their first mini-album, Yeri was added as the fifth member.

Red Velvet is currently so active and just when I decided on a favorite song, they would come back with an even better song. Currently, my favorite Red Velvet songs are “Red Flavor”, “Bad Boy”, and “RBB”. As for my favorite member, that would be Joy. Aside from being an idol, Joy has also started her acting career. The main reason that I have grown to like her is when I saw a little bit of her personality when she appeared in We Got Married as a virtual couple with BtoB’sSungjae.


NCT has changed the way fans look at KPOP. Unlike other groups, SM said that NCT will have an unlimited number of members that will be distributed in different sub-groups. So far, NCT has four units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV. Currently, there are 21 members in NCT and some are in one or two sub-groups.

When the group released the NCT 2018 Empathy project, I immediately decided on a favorite song. It’s called “Touch” and is performed by NCT 127. It’s a very light song that exposed the group’s fresh and vibrant vibes. My favorite member is Doyoungbecause he’s a complete boyfriend material and in “Touch” he just really felt like he would make a good boyfriend if I was given the chance.

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