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One of the things that many KPOP fans like about the industry is that it is filled with positivity and spontaneity. However, there are unavoidable times that it negativities and controversies will sweep away. Unfortunately, T-ara is one group that was not able to escape this demise.

T-ara was one of KPOP’s most well-loved groups before the big scandal happened to them. Let us discuss more what happened but before that, let us look into the current members of the group and where they might be now.

T-ara Members’ Profiles

Qri [Lee Jihyun]

T-ara Member Qri
Name: Lee Jihyun
Birthday: December 12, 1986

Qri is the current leader of T-ara but for a leader, she is rather shy. Before being an idol singer, Qri already debuted as a model. Did you know that Qri’s waistline reached 23 inches?

Gosh! I would be willing to do anything to have that waistline! Not much is known about Qri’s latest activities. However, during the prime years of T-ara, Qri also made her drama debut in “Queen Seon Deok”.

According to her, she likes a guy who is more focused on making his career grow. She understands that not everyone is all about being “lovey-dovey” (see what I did right there?).

Eunjung [Ham Eunjung]

T-ara Member Eunjung
Name: Ham Eunjung
Birthday: December 12, 1988
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper

The first time I saw Eunjung was when she played a character in the hit drama “Dream High”. Her character there was like a villain so my first impression of her was also a little bad.

But hey, I was young back then. I didn’t know that the characters and the actors were separate. Aside from her appearance in a few Korean dramas, Eunjung also rose to popularity when she was invited to participate in MBC’s “We Got Married”.

Her virtual husband was Lee Jangwoo, a renowned Korean actor. She also debuted as a solo artist under the stage name Elsie. Eunjung’s ideal type is someone charismatic and masculine and has a good sense of rapping and rhythm.

On top of that, he likes a guy who has smaller eyes. Looks like Eunjung prefers bad boys better.

Hyomin [Park Sun Young]

T-ara Member Hyomin
Name: Park Sun Young
Birthday: May 30, 1989
Position: Main Rapper, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Like Eunjung, I first saw Hyomin in a drama. I was actually watching that drama because of Infinite’s Woohyun as I am a very hardcore Inspirit. It was called “The Thousandth Man” and it was about a family of “gumiho” or “nine-tailed fox” who seduces and eats men so they can become humans.

It was a short but funny series and Hyomin was there as Woohyun’s love interest. The very first thing that I noticed about her is her very efficient acting for her role.

Her acting was so realistic that I started to think that her personality must be close to who she is portraying. Since then, I’ve always liked her. She has become my bias because of her personality.

I think, if we were to become friends, we would be best friends. I like that she is fun and spontaneous.

Jiyeon [Park Jiyeon]

T-ara Member Jiyeon
Name: Park Jiyeon
Birthday: June 7, 1993
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

Out of all the members of T-ara, Jiyeon might have the most activities after the group’s popularity slowed down. She appeared in a lot of Korean dramas that I thought she left the group to focus on her acting career.

She also was one of the first members of the group to make a solo debut. I remember imitating her solo debut song “Never Ever” and it was a really bad one that I am still haunted by that memory until now.

Jiyeon’s ideal type is rather specific. In every interview, she would always mention Lee Chunhee as her ideal type.

T-ARA’s Controversy

Now, it’s time to talk about what happened to the group that led to them not being that active in the industry anymore.

Two years after the group debuted, they released a series of hit songs starting with “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, “Roly Poly”, and “Lovey Dovey”. A lot of people, KPOP fans and normal ones alike, loved them because they were the only group back then to have a consistent retro-style concept with heavy-hooked songs.

This means that people will easily remember their songs. It was a good time for the group. That was also the time that I got hooked up with KPOP so I immediately knew about them. My favorite song out of the releases they had that time was “Roly Poly”.

It was so catchy that I find myself humming and dancing to the song even in the middle of my work. It was such a good time for the group and the fans that no one was prepared for what was to come.

It started during the group’s concert in Japan on July 25 and 26, 2012 where one of the members, Hwayoung, only performed one song due to a leg injury.

Shortly after, the other members have collectively tweeted a general message about determination. And then after, Hwayoung and her twin sister tweeted about a “bad person”.

The detective eyes of Korean netizens led them to believe that conflict is happening within the group. Netizens then started to speculate that Hwayoung was a victim of bullying. It got out of hand and on July 30, their agency announced that Hwayoung would immediately depart from the group.

Reasons for the Separation

The agency stated that it wasn’t about the bullying controversy but it was about Hwayoung’s work ethics. The staff members felt that Hwayoung’s attitude will hurt the group as a whole.

T-ara Kpop

Because of the issue, the activities of the group got suspended temporarily. But, some of the members continued to do solo activities. After some time, both parties have confirmed that the comments about the issue of bullying were purely made up by the netizens but they also were honest enough to say that there was indeed a conflict internally.

T-ara resumed activities after everything has been resolved but there was no denying that it had a negative impact on the group’s popularity. The number of fans dwindled down and it became hard for them to top the charts.

After the Separation

But, this did not stop the group from releasing songs. After all, they live for those who love them and T-ara had some loyal fans that are always waiting for their releases.

Half a decade after the controversy, Hwayoung appeared in a show called “Taxi” where she and the MCs revisited the controversy. The conversation got so emotional that Hwayoung cried on national TV. After that, an anonymous netizen who claimed to be a staff member of T-ara at the time of the controversy revealed what really happened.

The controversy started stirring up once again but this time, everyone involved is matured enough to handle the situation.

T-ara is one of the leading KPOP queens

At the end of the day, T-ara will always be one of the leading queens of KPOP. They might have been through a lot of challenges along their way and while they may not be that active today, they still remain strong and resilient.

I think this is one thing that newer groups today should learn. Today, it’s really easy for the netizens to do something detrimental to the idols’ career. The idols should learn to accept that there will always be haters and they need to learn how to be mature enough to choose their battles.

In conclusion, I would say T-ara is an inspiration not only to their fellow KPOP idols but to every fan as well. I wish that everything will be completely resolved and T-ara will be back to the glorious days they were back then.

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